Livelier than a plummeting lawn dart...twice the frivolity of a tree-entwined kite...more interactive than a deflated beachball! The BeamO has landed! Developed by Stuff Design, this giant 30-inch diameter flying hoop weighs only 13 ounces and "flies like a Dream-O." Easy to toss and catch, BeamO is the essential toy for people of all ages seeking something sizably fun to fling.

Named by FamilyFun Magazine as a 1999 finalist among the season’s best new kid-tested toys, BeamO earned high ratings for its safe and durable play. Designed with a soft foam ring and spandex sleeve, the colorful hoop will fly from 30 to 130 feet.

Its unique catchability allows users of all skills to achieve a gratifying level of BeamO dexterity within minutes – less time than it takes to master tiresome outdoor leisure and picnic activities such as gunny sack racing, water balloon tossing or burying friends up to their necks in sand.

Invented by Kim Stuffelbeam, founder of Stuff Design, Inc., BeamO took flight as a result of frustration with keeping his expanding family entertained.

"Frisbees...soft baseballs...we tried them all," says Stuffelbeam. "They were difficult to catch and my kids quickly lost interest. When I tossed them the BeamO, they wouldn’t stop playing. Thankfully, there’s been a lot less whining around the house. Mostly from me."

Since its launch, BeamO’s universal appeal has whizzed across an expansive range of markets. From pre-schoolers to grandparents, the must-toss toy generates enthusiasm and encourages interactivity across every age span. In addition to being spotlighted for product innovation on : "LIVE! With Regis and Kathie Lee," ABC News and CNBC, the BeamO recently was adopted for use as a therapeutic tool by a summer camp serving disabled children.

For inventor Stuffelbeam, BeamO’s soaring popularity transcends beyond his loftiest dreams. "Essentially I invented this toy to keep my kids happily engaged while I did lawn chores," he says. "It’s humbling to know it has the ability to propel families off their couches to venture outside and play together. If this trend continues, BeamO could have a considerable impact on the global resurgence of homemade potato salad."


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