Everything you need to know about the BeamO
... and then some.

Product Description
BeamO is a giant, soft flying hoop toy developed by Stuff Design, Inc., a company headed by inventor Kim Stuffelbeam. BeamO is designed for ease of control, catchability and aesthetic appeal. Most people will feel like experts within 15 minutes of play.

BeamOs are 30 inches in diameter, 1-1/2-inches thick, with a 15-inch center opening.

BeamO weighs only 13 ounces and is constructed of a soft spandex fabric cover over a foam and fiberglass hoop.

Lightweight yet durable, BeamO is designed for long life under normal playing conditions. BeamO is best played on grass or sand as concrete and asphalt can scuff the spandex sleeve. The washable sleeve may be hosed off when dirty and should be cleaned after pool or salt water use.

BeamO will fly from 20 to 150 feet with ease depending on the age and strength of user. The product is not designed for extreme distance throws.

BeamO comes in a variety of three color combinations. Colors are subject to fabric availability.

Recommended Ages
BeamO is recommended for ages 6 and up.

Manufacturing and Assembly
BeamO is manufactured with high-quality American parts and assembled in Mexico.

Product Availability
BeamOs will not be available this year. Check back for updates on availability.

Retail Price
BeamO has a suggested retail price of $25 each.

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